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How to order Gene Louw Primary Images online

1 - Click here to view our gallery.

2 - Put in password provided by the school (use capital letters) - Login as Client.

(if you logged in once, you will not be asked for password again)

3 - Follow Instructions and make payment. - Use child's photo number as reference

(seen at the bottom of the image) (When using your mobile see how to below)

Click 3 lines TOP RIGHT, choose class, click on your child's photo.

Click on 3 dots corner right to get photo number as reference.

4 - Send Order with Photo number with POP  and child's reference number to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - R50 digital, R70 printed package

5 - Photos will be delivered to school every Friday till end March.

6 - Late orders must be picked up at our offices inside Light Lounge Studio

7 - If you have any issues with your child being displayed on our website, please send email with photo number so it can be removed. thank you


Contact us - 021 981 9719